R:Evolution 4.0: Gwynnie Bee, the Netflix of the Apparel Industry

At R:Evolution 4.0, Christine Hunsicker, CEO and founder of Gwynnie Bee, the plus size apparel subscription rental service, pulled back the curtain on the business, giving us real insight into the market it’s targeting and how the business is differentiating.

Gwynnie Bee is looking to disrupt the apparel industry. A similar model to Netflix, the firm runs a rental-based subscription service, but one that caters to plus size women in the US – this audience makes up 75% of the market. How does it work? To become a member, Gwynnie Bee customers sign up to a subscription to access an unlimited wardrobe of the latest fashion – an unlimited wardrobe on a limited budget.

Gwynnie Bee’s goal is to positively affects the lives of its consumers – both emotionally and economically. The economic benefit is the ability to experience a range of clothing at an affordable price. The emotional effect sees Gwynnie Bee’s customers accessing a range of stylish plus-sized clothing that is largely inaccessible on the US high street.

An online platform, Gwynnie Bee receives a lot of data, which is used to enhance customer experience (e.g. creating fit algorithms that are 80% accurate), increase operational efficiency, share insights with brands and drive the company’s private label.

Watch Christine’s talk here.

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