R:Evolution 4.0: The Social Discussion – the content challenge and social commerce

At R:Evolution 4.0, we heard from Amy Cole, Head of Brand Development at Instagram. She spoke to Simon Calver about the content challenge and social commerce. Here is a summary of her session.

Social media forms a large part of marketing spend for many businesses. Increasingly, it’s becoming ever more difficult for companies to keep up with all available platforms used by their target consumers for communication purposes. Furthermore, consumers on different platforms expect different content – sharing the same items across platforms can create brand fatigue – and can, in fact, damage a brand. Companies must constantly create interactive content for individual platforms, across target audiences.

As Generation Z enters adulthood, advertising forms have to change – and video is taking centre stage. According to Amy, video viewings on Instagram have increased 150% – Gen Z has grown up with mobile devices: it is their language and a more natural environment to interact through, with video – recorded and live leading the charge.

The main takeaway from the session was that all brands must use social media efficiently. This means interpreting the social media platform you are using and choosing the best way to convey your information. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter offer different benefits and consumer facing brands needs to figure out which platform serves their audience type best.

Here are some tips for using social media more efficiently:

  • Use social media to build a connection with consumers
  • Don’t think of it as just “social media”; think of it as a way to grow your business
  • For larger companies, try to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what you are prepared to do
  • Make sure to keep the focus of your posts on the product / company ethos

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