It’s our connected network that makes us truly unique. Whether joining forces with us via our Strategic Partnership, Mentoring Programme, as investors, advisers, or as associate members, the most trailblazing retailers and consumer experts choose to be associated with TrueStart - which is mutually beneficial for everyone within our network.  

Benefits of the network

The industry chooses to be associated with us because they seek the knowledge and innovation that startups provide. The broad flow of disruptive startups we invest in and support (over 1,000 and counting) allows us to provide our Network with a first look at the latest leading innovation coming out of the industry. It’s this that helps keep them at the forefront of their markets within the retail and consumer industries.

Whether you’re a startup, retailer, FMCG, investor or advisor, being part of our network gives you the opportunity to soak up the latest innovation. It allows retailers to stay ahead of the competition, startups to partner with other startups and create a more powerful offering, and gives investors the chance to discover the next ‘one to watch’ before anyone else.

Our Network is unique. We’d love you to be part of it.

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"TrueStart is seriously connected. By the end of our second week we had met with at least 10 retailers and had a diary stuffed full of meetings."