We have two investment models

The Collection (Cohort Model)

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Equity investment for high potential startups.
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Closing date 23.4.17
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All the benefits TrueStart has to offer when you don't necessarily need the cash investment.
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Choosing Our Portfolio

If you have a bright idea, a canny product, or a concept that can help solve complex problems in the retail or consumer sector then you’ve got our attention. Our investment model allows us to work with a range of startups, from ideas that have just come off a page, to businesses that have been going for a couple of years and are looking for support to drive commercial growth. We pride ourselves on the quality of the teams that we invest in. Your entrepreneurialism, passion, intelligence, drive, commitment and experience will take you a long way.

Other factors we pay close attention to are:

  • You are disruptive in the niche that you operate
  • You can scale in a capitally efficient manner
  • You have the potential to become a £100m+ business

4-Month Programme

Whether part of the Collection or a Seed investment we provide 4 months of more intense support. This doesn’t mean we stop supporting you at the end though: our investments are for life.

We have access to thousands of retailers and brands

Our network is one of the key parts of our offering. You can have the best idea in the world, but without the right contacts (or “door-openers” as we like to call them) it might never see the light of day.

As part of the TrueStart family, you’ll have our support for your entire journey. We will help connect you to industry leaders, influencers and operators to help you develop and refine your proposition and when you’re ready we’ll help open doors and drive your pipeline by getting you in front of the right decision makers.

You’ll have seen we run a Strategic Partnership Programme with world-class brands. What this means to you is privileged access to the very top of these organisation. We won’t ever compromise you though: it’s up to you if and how you choose to work with these brands.

Our global network of investors will be pivotal for your future fundraising

We look at investments every day and as such understand what investors look for.

As part of our on going support we will help you refine your pitch decks and support your fundraise – helping you get in front of leading VCs, family offices, angel networks and high net-worth individuals. Our bi-annual investor evening is an incredible and platform to get you in front of the right investors…deals have been known to close on the night.

Our team’s there to help the TrueStart family

The whole TrueStart team is geared up to support you. As well as getting access to our senior leadership team, you will have 1:1 access to our Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Richard Anson (Founder of Reevoo) and both of our Tech-In-Residence mentors, Mike Karliner (former CTO of Shazam) and Meza Meszaros (a tech veteran whose first paid coding work was at the age of 14).

We also have a joint venture with The Blogger Programme (who are based in The Hub) – our startups get exclusive support and access to the 25,000 bloggers and influencers on the platform.

Who else is in The Hub?

When you join us, you’ll be surrounded by motivated, passionate, brilliant people just like you; founders and entrepreneurs who all have a dream and the hunger to turn that dream into a reality. As well as your fellow peers, you’ll also sit with the TrueStart and True Capital teams who are here to offer support, guidance and the contacts that could make a world of difference to your business. We will provide strategic direction whilst you run your operations.

Then there are the hundred plus retail and consumer CEOs and business leaders who visit The Hub each year to gain access to – and learn about – the early technologies, services and products that can help their retail businesses innovate and stay ahead of their competition. This includes a select group of strategic partners who’ve specifically asked to be part of TrueStart because they see the value of being part of a business that provides the innovation for their markets.

These stellar contacts offer unrivalled access to their vast networks and resources. They’ll help you make vital buy-side introductions and continue to push your business towards commercial success.

Where you’ll work

You can choose to be based in The Hub, our 4,300 ft2 London home, just moments away from the head offices of some of the world’s leading fashion, creative and retail brands.

Your TrueStart Journey

  • 01 Move in

    Take a seat in your new central London office.

  • 02 Let's go

    Start with two weeks of masterclasses, giving you a chance to network.

  • 03 Crack on

    Plug into our team and network to feed and grow your business.

  • 04 The big pitch

    After three months get in front of 250 senior investors.

  • 05 Over to you

    Once part of the TrueStart family we will remain supportive until exit - so stay close, as we will with you.

Our operational partners include:

Operational partners